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Home & School Association
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The Home & School Association at Saint Joseph School was established to create an avenue for parents to get involved in their child’s schooling by becoming active in the programs that support and enhance the education that they receive from our dedicated staff.   All families are automatically considered members of the Home & School Association.  At the start of each school year, a nominal dues of $5.00 is included with the tuition bill for each family.


Our meetings are held once a month at 8:05 a.m. in the school cafeteria and they will appear on the monthly calendars on the school website.  A variety of topics are discussed at each meeting, and input is welcomed from all attendees.  Attendees also get to vote on the issues at hand.  Our meetings are a wonderful way to stay informed of upcoming events at our school and have your voice heard.  They are also a great way to give feedback on past events and make suggestions for new programs.


Younger children are welcome to accompany you to the meetings.  Please feel free to bring a quiet activity and snack along for them to enjoy while we meet.  Can’t make the meetings because of your work schedule?  Minutes are kept at each meeting and are posted on the school website or can be emailed at your request. 


We welcome and encourage all families to get involved by volunteering at our school.  We have many worthwhile committees that fit different types of schedules and hope you can find one that is a good fit for you.  We also welcome involvement from members of your extended family should they wish to help out. 


We look forward to partnering with you this coming school year to enhance your child’s experience at Saint Joseph School with all the programs the Home & School Association has to offer.  If at any time during the school year you have any questions or concerns regarding the association, please feel free to contact any of the officers listed below.


Dana Facius, President
Beth Snyder, Vice President
Jeff Walker, Treasurer

Christina Vereb, Secretary