HalfCent for Schools

Half-Cent for Schools








Everyone benefits from high-quality schools. They attract new residents, businesses, and jobs, all of which boost the economy and lead to a better quality of life for our citizens.


Good schools also prepare Alachua County’s young people to be productive and contributing members of our community. In the future we will rely on them to provide the vital services and products we use every day and to come up with the breakthroughs that will make our lives better.  It’s to our advantage to ensure students are ready for that challenge by investing in their schools.


If approved by Alachua County voters in November of 2018, the Half-Cent for Schools initiative would raise desperately-needed funds to revitalize our aging, out-of-date schools so that all students will have access to a high-quality learning environment.


Keep checking this site for new information about our school facilities and the Half-Cent for Schools initiative.