Partial Buses Running Weather Notice January 8

Partial Buses Running - Weather Notice - January 8

Update 2:35 PM - Roads in some parts of Alma School District continue to be unsafe for the operation of school buses. Where it is safe to do so, we will run buses at the normal time. The routes that will be run are: K, N, Q, R, S, T, U, and P. Parents may also call the schools to determine if their child’s bus will run. All parents may pick up their children at any time, including in to the evening.  Any students that cannot be picked up may remain at school overnight. They will be safe, warm, fed, and supervised.


Update 11:45 AM - Alma Schools are currently still open.  As of this time, we have determined that it is not safe to run buses because of black ice on the roads.  We are waiting on the city and county road crews to work on the roads to ensure safety.  We urge parents not to get out on the roads at this time.  All students are safe inside the school buildings.  We will update you as the road and weather conditions change.