State Science Fair Results

State Science Fair Results

Congratulations to the following students for placing at the State Science and Engineering Fair.


Honorable Mention:

Nathan Painter- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Elizabeth Parham- Environmental Science

Paul Gambill- Mathematical Science

Cassidy Fritz- Medicine and Health

Molly Reeves- Microbiology

Alexis Martin- Microbiology


3rd place- These students won $100.

Kailyn Tyler- Earth Science

Mariny Phomakay- Environmental Science

Reagan Gray- Physics and Astronomy


2nd place- These students won $200.

Karen Morris- Environmental Management

Taylor Coulson- Plant Sciences


1st place- These students won $300.

Cooper McGhee- Behavioral and Social Sciences

Shae Woodard- Environmental Management

Congratulations to Chase Middleton for winning the T-shirt design contest.  He received a framed print of his design and it was printed on the state science fair t-shirt.