How YOU can help

How YOU can help

Parents and family members are always encouraged to get involved in their student's education.  We realize that not all parents have the ability to physically be at the school ALL the time.  Here are ways you can get involved:


1.  Join the P.T.A.

EaJo d family members are invited to join the P.T.A.  The cost is $7.00 and it does NOT require you to attend any P.T.A meetings or volunteer. 

The money raised from the yearly memberships help pay for:

-Field Trips

-Science Lab materials for student experiments

-Decorations for Kinder and 6th grade promotions

-School wide assemblies

-Career Day


2.  Volunteer for ONE EVENT

There are many activities that take place during the year that require volunteer work.  If you are a parent who cannot help out at ALL school functions, dedicate yourself to one event per year.  Please contact your student's teacher, e-mail the P.T.A, or call the office to volunteer.  Your dedication of time to ONE EVENT in the school year is very valuable!


3.  Attend P.T.A Meetings

P.T.A Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  Meetings are attended by the P.T.A officers, the school Principal, and staff members.  Be an active participant and learn how you can better your school and your student's education.  Officers and P.T.A members that are consistent with attending meetings ALWAYS  have RESERVED FRONT ROW SEATS AT SCHOOL PERFORMANCES AND PROMOTIONS.


4.  Run for a P.T.A Officer Position

Run for an office and help change and pave the way for your student's education!  The positions are as follows:


Vice-President in charge of Fund Raising





**If you have any additional questions, comments, concerns or GREAT IDEAS, please e-mail the P.T.A. at: