Volunteer Information

Volunteer Information

Important Information on Volunteering/Chaperoning at Audubon

There are two types of Volunteer Status for anyone who wishes to volunteer at a Brevard County Public School. The volunteer application for either type may be completed in the front office at Audubon on the computer used by all school visitors/volunteers to sign-in.

Here are the definitions for the two types of status:

1. Listed – a local background check is completed after the person submits his/her application. The only field trips a Listed Volunteer may attend are trips where the students stay in a whole group the entire trip OR the Listed Volunteer is paired with a Registered Volunteer (as scheduled by the classroom teacher).

2. Registered – a national background check is completed after the person submits his/her application AND gets fingerprinted at the district security office at the Brevard Public Schools offices. A Registered Volunteer may chaperone school field trips. There is a cost of approximately $60.00 to get the fingerprinting completed.


Please contact Audubon’s Guidance Counselor and Volunteer Coordinator at 452-2085 if you have any questions.

Volunteer Pre Application Process