Avonworth Elementary First quotOne Tree Per Childquot School in the Country

Avonworth Elementary First "One Tree Per Child" School in the Country

Avonworth Elementary School is the first school in the USA to adopt the ‘One Tree Per Child’ (OTPC)  policy, which means the School will provide each child with the opportunity to plant at least one tree while they are at the School. The trees will be planted within school grounds or in parks and locations in the region, according to advice and guidance from local tree planting organizations.


Tree plantings will be undertaken in collaboration with a number of groups within the Allegheny County. Tree Pittsburgh, The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy and Allegheny County Parks are supportive of this effort. A dedication for Avonworth's OTPC program will take place September 22, 2017. 


Founded in 2013 by Olivia Newton-John and Jon Dee, the ‘One Tree Per Child’ program (OTPC) aims to support efforts around the world to see tree planting become part of school curriculum. The approach is to encourage schools to adopt a policy that every student has a chance to plant a tree as part of a school event. Starting in Australia the program has gained great traction and is now active in 10 countries. www.onetreeperchild.com