Go Green Initiative

Go Green Initiative

In an effort to streamline operations while focusing more on sustainability, the Avonworth School District has embarked on an initiative to go paperless and more efficiently utilize electronic technology for communications. This Go Green Initiative will not only reduce our postage and copying costs, permitting us to maximize the funding for our students, but also minimize our overarching carbon footprint. By Going Green with our communications, we will lead our students by example stewarding in an era of responsible and environmentally friendly practices. 

Each year, the school district makes a substantial financial investment in technology, not only through hardware and software advances for academics, but also through online management systems to facilitate communications. The school website, along with district social media, is an excellent repository of news and information about the district and its schools. Likewise, parents and students can access Edline, a password-protected online portal to retrieve academic information such as class grades, attendance, progress reports and report cards. 

School administrators have been gathering feedback from teachers, staff and parents on what works best in regards to district-wide communications, the district’s website, our social media and the online management system Edline in order to better meet the needs of our families. This information will be utilized to optimize these systems as well as to retrain all stakeholders with an eye toward consistency.

The district’s adoption of electronic communication is not only eco conscious, but also allows for the efficient transmission of information, such as electronic signatures for handbooks, fieldtrip permission trips, registration forms… etc. In addition, digital communications are instantaneous, avoiding the lag of snail mail.  

Go Green