School Expectations

School Expectations

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Allergy Expectations



The Bartlett allergy policy took effect on the first day of school of the 2015-2016 academic year. 

  1. Birthdays celebrated at Bartlett will be without food, balloons or flowers. Suggested items/ideas for your child’s birthday are: pencils or stickers for the class, bringing in your child’s favorite book to share with the class. 
  2. We will continue to celebrate major occasions such as the winter holidays, Valentine’s Day, etc.
  3. All food provided for the holiday parties NEEDS to be store bought food only, no home baked. This food needs to be in its original packaging with labels. If you are a room parent, please discuss all individual allergy concerns with the classroom teacher PRIOR to planning for the party.
  4. Parents of students with allergies can bring in food products for their own children at parties if they wish. 
  5. No peanut butter or peanut product food (including foods that may be processed in a facility that processes peanut products) will be permitted at Bartlett Elementary parties or for Fruit Break time. 
  6. Fruit break must consist of healthy finger food snack items (no utensils needed please). All classrooms will set a time period during the day in which students will be allowed to eat their fruit break. This is the ONLY time they will be allowed to eat their fruit break. 
  7. ALL parents should sign, date and fill out an allergy form if applicable and return it to the classroom teacher by August 30,2015
  8. Please contact the school nurse or classroom teacher with any additional allergy restrictions for your child.



Cell Phone Expectations


In the past we have had students use their cell phones during school hours (texting during class and texting and talking on the phone during lunch recess). According to district policy (see Parent Handbook), this is not allowed. The students have been told that their phones MUST be turned off and out of sight upon arrival to school.

We appreciate your help in supporting this district policy. If your child does not need a cell phone at school, please have him/her leave it at home. If you feel they DO need a cell phone at school, we will ask the students to label them with their names and turn them over to their classroom teacher every morning. The teacher will keep them in a secure location and the students will retrieve their phones at the end of the day.

Any child found with a cell phone on his/her person or in their book bag or backpack after the teacher has collected them will be referred to the office. We appreciate your help in this matter.