Tardiness is not acceptable because it disrupts class, hurts the morale of students who are on time, reflects a negative attitude toward the class, creates disruptive problems in the corridors and develops a habit that could make future employment difficult. Students will be considered tardy if they are not in the classroom when the bell rings.

When a student is tardy (late by five minutes or less) without a pass, the tardiness is documented by the teacher and the student is permitted to complete class work for credit.


Truancy is defined as being absent from an assigned class or study hall without prior parent knowledge and without the consent of the appropriate school administrator. No truancies are permitted.

When a student is more than five minutes late to class without a pass, the student is considered truant, moved up one step on the attendance log and permitted to stay in the classroom. These students should not be barred or banished from the classroom. Any class work completed should be given proper credit.

Students participating in an unauthorized activity that involves non-attendance at school or at a school activity where attendance is required shall be identified as truant, regardless of any parental approval of their actions.