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Hey guys, Chef Cox here.


This is the place you can come to find any and all recipes we make during our Culinary  Arts 1-3 classes. I have also uploaded the recipes we have used to large caterings and events. If you are a parent who has ever come to one of our open houses, been to a school awards dinner catered by us, or been to any of the myriad of catered events Bayside has participated in around the country and has wanted to recreate the food; now is your chance.


The recipes are designed to funciton in the school kitchen setting; many taking multiple days because we only have a short window of time to prepare, cook, and clean. Because of this, some of the recipes will require a small amount of alteration to be made in your home kitchen.


I will periodically update the recipe bank with new things that my classes are doing, so check back every few week to see what new things are happening around here. If you ever have any questions feel free to email me and will repsond as quickly as I can.