February 2016 School Board Meeting

February 2016 School Board Meeting

Starts at 7:00pm


Beardstown CUSD # 15

Regular Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

7:00 p.m.

High School Library


If you need an accommodation to participate in this meeting please call the Board of Education Office at (217) 323-3099 no later than 3:00 p.m. on February 16, 2016.


  1. I.                   Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance, President Jack Fearneyhough


  1. II.                Roll call, Secretary Kim Watson


  1. III.             Agenda Additions


  1. IV.            Public Questions and Comments (time limit - 3 minutes per person)


  1. V.               Committee Reports

           A.  Finance


  1. VI.            Administrators & Athletic Director Reports


  1. VII.         Action Items


Consent Agenda

          1.  Regular Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2016

          2.  Finance Committee Minutes - January 27, 2016

          3.  Bills and Payroll

          4.  Treasurer’s Report

          5.  Investment, Loan, and Transfer


  1. A.     Place on First Reading the following Board of Education policy updates: 2:100; 2:150; 2:150-AP; 2:200; 2:220-E2; 2:250-E2; 4:120-AP; 4:170; 4:170-AP1; 5:90; 5:100; 5:100-AP; 5:120-AP1; 5:185-AP; 6:15; 6:15-E; 6:50; 6:60; 6:160; 6:270; 6:280; 6:310; 6:315; 6:320; 6:340; 7:50; 7:50-AP; 7:100; 7:130; 7:140; 7:140-E; 7:290; 7:290-AP; 7:300; 7:300-E1; 7:305; 7:340; 7:340-AP1; 7:340-AP1, E1 and 8:30.
  2. B.     Approve the 2016-17 Risk Management Plan.


  1. VIII.      Closed Session For the purpose of discussing personnel matters, student discipline and collective bargaining.


X.      Personnel



      A.  Employ Kaissa Sakuvogui - French Language Facilitator Aide

      B.  Employ the following in Extra-Curricular positions listed in

              Appendix A of the BEA Contract:


Appendix A - Extra Duty Salary Schedule Assignments

Extra Duty


Level A - $4,004

Athletic Director (if not Admin)

Basketball, Head Boys

Anderson, Eric

Basketball, Head Girls

Sorrells, Josh

Football, Head Boys


Baseball, Head

Lewis, Robin

Softball, Head HS

Gebhardt, Ty

Track Boys, HS

Allen, Brad

Track Girls, HS

Casson, August


Harrison, Chad


Gorman, Joe

Soccer, Boys Head

Hamilton, Adam

Soccer, Girls Head

Hamilton, Adam

Level B - $2,574

Basketball, Boys-Sophomore

Dodson, Kyle

Basketball, Boys-Freshman

Gand, A. J.

Basketball, Boys 8th Grade

Gand, A. J.

Basketball, Boys 7th Grade

Gand, Blake

Basketball, Girls Asst.

Maltby, Jimmy

Basketball, Girls Asst.

Galey, Amy

Basketball, Girls 8th Grade

Galey, Amy

Basketball, Girls 7th Grade

Schultz, Kaitlyn

Cross Country

Phelps, Allison

Cheerleader Sponsor, HS

Icenogle, Megan

Football, HS Asst.

Allen, Brad

Football, HS Asst.

Winkelman, Cody

Football, HS Asst.


Baseball, HS Asst.

Dodson, Kyle

Volleyball, Asst.

Hembrough, Sue

MS/HS Split Asst. Wrestling

McElroy, Mitch

Softball, Asst.


Track, HS Asst.

McElroy, Mitch

Soccer, Girls Asst.


Soccer, Boys Asst.

Hernandez, Francisco

Level C - $2,002

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Steadman, Patrick

Football, MS 7th Grade

Gand, A. J.

Football, MS 8th Grade

Anderson, Eric

MS Wrestling

O'Hara, Mark

Track, MS Boys

Winkelman, Cody

Track, MS Girls

Phelps, Allison

Volleyball, MS 7th Grade

Hembrough, Sue

Volleyball, MS 8th Grade

Harrison, Chad

Vocal Music Coordinator

Wilson, Allison


Frazier, S./Sheppard, E.

Level D - $1,430

Golf, Girls

Dodson, Kyle

Golf, Boys

Lewis, Robin

Yearbook Sponsor, HS

Leber, Rebekka

Summer Weight Lifting Program

Winkelman, C.

Student Council Sponsor HS

Millard, Cara

Student Council Sponsor HS

McClenning, Wendy

HS Scholastic Bowl

Chernobrov, R./McKavanagh, G.

MS Scholastic Bowl

DeWitt, Susan

Junior Class Sponsor

Hymes, Brandi

Junior Class Sponsor

Hughes, Donrae

Level E - $858

Freshman Class Sponsor

Stitt, Emily

Sophomore Class Sponsor

Campbell, C./Riddle, L.

Senior Class Sponsor

Deacon, L./Wilson, K.

Physical Science Club

Busby, Jennifer

Art Club

Korte, Kathy

Industrial Arts

Future Business Leaders of America

Loxley, Beverly

Spanish Club

Wicks, John

MS Student Council

Hymes, Rob

MS Student Council

Vaughn, Nikita


Wilson, Allison


Brake, Christy

Marching Band

Steadman, Patrick


Allen, Chris

Cheerleader Sponsor, MS

Swartz, Cindy

Skills USA



National Honor Society

Carlock, K./Savage, S.


Maltby, Amanda

Key Club

Burton, Brett

Variety Show

Wilson, Allison

Level F - $572

Lady Tiger Classic

Extended Contracts

Guidance - 20 days

Link, E. & Costello, L.

Industrial Arts - 10 days

Tomlinson, Brian

Agriculture - 20 days

Sheppard, Evan (pro-rated)

Unit Librarian - 5 days

Meyer, Angie



Approve the following list of extra-curricular volunteers who are

           ASEP or Teacher certified (unless noted):

                A.  Approve Kaitlyn Schultz - HS Softball Asst.

                B.  Approve Bob Schultz - HS Softball Asst.

                C.  Approve Francisco Hernandez - HS Girls Soccer Asst.


           Leave of Absence:

                A.  Approve Brian Days' request for a one year leave of absence

                      through January 27, 2017.


          Leave of Absence (cont.):

                 B.  Approve Yazmin Perez's request for maternity leave for the

                       month of May, 2016.



                  A.  Adela Luna - Language Facilitator Aide at Grand Ave.

                  B.  Daniel Montoya - Dual Language at Gard

                  C.  Laura Sibert - MS Language Facilitator Aide

                  D.  Bob Schultz - HS Girls Softball Asst.

                  E.  Francisco Hernandez - HS Girls Soccer Asst.

                  F.  Robin Deacon - Summer Weight Lifting

                  G.  Loana Deveraux - Dual Language teacher at Gard



XI.  Discussion Items




XII.  Adjourn

This event occurs on a single day.