June 2016 School Board Meeting

June 2016 School Board Meeting

Starts at 7:00pm


Beardstown CUSD # 15

Regular Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

7:00 p.m.

High School Library


If you need an accommodation to participate in this meeting please call the Board of Education Office at (217) 323-3099 no later than 3:00 p.m. on June 14, 2016.


  1. I.                   Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance, President Jack Fearneyhough


  1. II.                Roll call, Secretary Kim Watson


  1. III.             Agenda Additions


  1. IV.            Public Questions and Comments (time limit - 3 minutes per person)


  1. V.               Committee Reports

           A.  Transportation from meeting held May 18, 2016.

           B.  Buildings & Grounds from meeting held May 18, 2016.

           C.  Curriculum & Technology combined meeting held June 2, 2016


  1. VI.            Administrators & Athletic Director Reports


  1. VII.         Action Items


Consent Agenda

          1.  Regular Meeting Minutes – May 18, 2016

          2.  Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes - May 18, 2016

          3.  Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting Minutes - May 18, 2016

                    4.  BOE TAG Training Special meeting  May 19, 2016

                    5.  Curriculum & Technology combined meeting held June 2, 2016

          6.  Bills and Payroll

          7.  Treasurer’s Report

          8.  Investment, Loan, and Transfer


  1. A.     First Mid State presentation by David Pistorius regarding possible savings on the 2005 Bond Issue.
  2. B.      Signing of BEA Contract.
  3. C.     Recommend approval of the Elementary CUSD #15 Parent/Student Handbook for 2016-17. (Tabled from May)
  4. D.     Recommend approval of the Middle/High CUSD #15 Parent/Student Handbook for 2016-17. (Tabled from May)
  5. E.      FFA information
  6. F.      Filling a previous Middle/High School Administrative position. (Tabled from May)
  7. G.     Recommend setting the mileage reimbursement rate at $ .54 cents per mile for the 2016-17 school year (Federal Government Rate).
  8. H.     Set fees for athletic events for all year and individual sports passes.
  9. I.         Recommend adopting the Prevailing Wage resolution complying with all Illinois Department of Labor regulations applicable to Beardstown CUSD #15 for the 2016-17 school year.  A copy will be posted in the Board of Education Office.
  10. J.        Approve Priority/Focus School District Improvement Plan.
  11. K.     Approve 2016-17 school calendar with School Improvement Days (SIP).
  12. L.      1:1 computer program for students grades 9-2 and approve $134,465.00 from working cash to purchase 500 Chromebook laptops for the 16-17 school year


  1. VIII.      Closed Session For the purpose of discussing personnel matters, student discipline and collective bargaining.


X.      Personnel



  1. A.      Set pay rates for non-BEA personnel.
  2. B.       Ashley Kuhlman Eckert - MS/HS PE/Health
  3. C.     Amy Hemphill - Elementary Teacher
  4. D.     Chris Bacon - Custodian



Approve the following list of extra-curricular volunteers who are

           ASEP or Teacher certified (unless noted):

                A.  Mark O'Hara - MS/HS Football


           Leave of Absence:

                A.  Isamar Chavez - Spring Semester 2017

                B.  Sara Wright - Maternity Leave August 16 to September 26, 2016



                  A.  Jan Bailey - MS/HS Special Ed Teacher

                  B.  Kelsey Mierzwa - Social Worker

                  C.  Carrie Campbell - Revised date

                  D.  Blake Gand - MS/HS Math Teacher

                  E.  Amy Galey - MS Special Education Teacher

                  F.  Rosemary Swan - 5th Grade Teacher

                  G.  Brenda Guerrero - Aide at Grand Ave. School

                  H.  Kaissa Angeline Sakouvogui - French Language Aide



XI.  Discussion Items


                 A.  HS Spanish curriculum/textbooks (Mr. Seaman) (Tabled from May)



XII.  Adjourn

This event occurs on a single day.