September 2015 School Board Meeting

September 2015 School Board Meeting

Starts at 7:00pm


Beardstown CUSD # 15

Regular Board of Education Meeting

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

7:00 p.m.

High School Library


If you need an accommodation to participate in this meeting please call the Board of Education Office at (217) 323-3099 no later than 3:00 p.m. on September 15, 2015.


  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance, President Jack Fearneyhough


  1. Roll call, Secretary Kim Watson


  1. Agenda Additions


  1. Public Questions and Comments (time limit - 3 minutes per person)


  1. Committee Reports


  1. Administrators & Athletic Director Reports


  1. Action Items


Consent Agenda

          1. Regular Meeting Minutes – August 19, 2015

         2. Special Meeting Minutes - August 17, 2015.

         3. Bills and Payroll

         4. Treasurer’s Report

          5. Investment, Loan, and Transfer


  1. FFA request to attend National FFA Convention in Louisville, KY, Oct. 27 - 31, leaving Tuesday after school and returning Saturday evening.
  2. Gard Elementary HVAC project update.
  3. Approve the Budget for 2015-16.
  4. Adopt resolution approving the Regional Office of Education #1 as the custodian and flow through agent of the County School Facility Tax money.
  5. Place on First Reading the following Board Policy updates: 2:160, 2:160-E, 2:260, 2:260-AP1, 4:50, 4:170-AP6-E1, 5:50, 5:170, 5:170-AP4, 5:270, 5:290, 6:15-E, 6:140, 6:140-AP, 7:10, 7:40, 7:90, 7:190-AP5, 7:190-AP6, 7:220, 7:220-AP, 7:310, 7:325, 7:325-E, 8:10, 8:30-E1, 8:30-E2 and 8:80.


  1. Closed Session For the purpose of discussing personnel matters, student discipline and collective bargaining.


X.     Personnel


     A. Employ Kim Hill - Elementary Teacher

     B. Employ Peggy Ruiz - Grand Ave. Day Care

     C. Employ Angie Meyer - MS/HS Library Aide

     D. Employ Kyle Dodson - JV Boys Basketball

     E. Employ A.J. Gand - 8th Grade Boys Basketball

     F. Employ Wendy McClenning - HS Student Council

     G. Employ Brett Burton - HS Key Club

     H. Employ Amy Galey - HS Girls Basketball Assistant

     I. Employ AJ Gand - HS Freshmen Boys Basketball

     J. Employ Cindy Swartz - MS Cheerleading

     K. Employ Blake Gand - 7th Grade Boys Basketball

     L. Employ Mark O'Hara - MS Wrestling

     M. Employ Sue Dewitt - MS Scholastic Bowl

     N. Employ AJ Gand 8th Grade Boys Basketball

     O. Employ Chad Harrison - MS Volleyball

     P. Employ Sue Hembrough - MS Volleyball

     Q. Employ Emily Stitts - Freshmen Sponsor





Approve the following list of extra-curricular volunteers who are

         ASEP or Teacher certified (unless noted):




               A. Tara Hobrock - Daycare Grand Ave. School

                 B. Angie Brown - 4th Grade Teacher

                 C. Angeles Ramirez - Title I Aide

                 D. Waleska Alicea Hernandez - Title I Aide

                 E. Tera Mann - Special Education Aide

                 F. Allison Phelps - MS Student Council

                 G. Mara Atkins - HS Physical Science Club




XI. Discussion Items


                 A. Activity Funds spending.

                 B. Senate Bill 318


XII. Adjourn

This event occurs on a single day.