Grade 4

Grade 4
Picture representing Grade 4

Fourth grade is a pivotal year in student independence.  We expect fourth graders to be more of a problem solver and independent thinker.  Our goal is to prepare your child to be a successful and independent life long learner.  The 4th grade teachers do this through a variety of ways such as technology, collaboration, communication, critical thinking and creativity.  Please ensure your child continues to read over the summer so they’ll be better prepared when the next year begins. 




Dana Moore

Mary Valadez

Liz Fike

Anthony Parisi


4th grade at Bethel Manor is always engaged in rigorous learning and meaningful experiences.  We go on a variety of historic and real-world field trips,  make relevant connections in reading and math, and have a variety of hands-on experiments in science.  This year promises to be very exciting for our 4th graders!
If you are interested in looking at the 4th grade curriculum – check out the VA Dept. of Education at:





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