Grade 5

Grade 5
Picture representing Grade 5

Welcome to 5th grade at Bethel Manor Elementary!

To prepare for 5th grade over this summer, just keep reading and working on mastering your multiplication facts. Also, take a visit to the Virginia Aquarium and the Air and Space Museum to prepare for science content and check out plenty of books from your local library. Enjoy the sunshine and relax for a new school year!


5th grade at BME is an exciting year! This year, our students will be diving into a variety of lessons and experiments that will guide them to be successful as they finish their elementary career. We will focus on genre studies and book reviews in language arts, learn the relationships between fractions and decimals in math, and explore the ocean floor in science! The school year will end with a class trip to Richmond and a celebration as they transition to middle school.




Kendall Lybert

Katie Crockett

Hailey Minney

Kate Mamot



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