Superintendent Objectives and Evaluation

Superintendent - Objectives and Evaluation



            According to the Pennsylvania School Code, of 1949, as amended, all school districts that have hired or were issued contacts to superintendents on/after the fall of 2012 are required to develop objective performance standards and post them on the district’s website. The superintendent must be evaluated annually, and the objective performance standards must be mutually agreed upon by both the board and the superintendent. To that end, the Blairsville Saltsburg Board of School Directors and Dr. Tammy Whitfield have mutually agreed upon the objective performance standards listed below:


  1. Superintendent will analyze sample baseline and target data of 3 grade levels (elementary, middle, and high schools), to determine student growth in those areas. 
  2. Superintendent will refer and adhere to policies set forth by the Board of Education. 
  3. Superintendent will utilize an objective, numerical interview system, comprised of a 3-part system: Round 1 - Building Administrators, Round 2 - Central Administrators, Round 3 - School Board. The purpose is to diminish subjectivity. Additionally, she will assign positions based on certifications, and define duties as outlined in the Board approved job descriptions. 
  4. Superintendent will attend monthly meetings with union leadership to foster and maintain positive interactions. 
  5. Superintendent will collaborate with the Business Manager regarding the presentation of the annual budget to the School Board. 
  6. Superintendent will compile and analyze data regarding operational needs, number of students, class sizes, course selections, number of employees, cost per student, and the cost of Building and Grounds and Food Service operations. The analysis will consist of a comparison of the above listed items, operating as two separate campuses, as well as a form of consolidation. 
  7. Superintendent will attend and participate in all monthly School Board meetings, unless the absence is unavoidable. 
  8. Superintendent will coordinate with Policy Chairperson to correspond with PSBA to obtain the most recent, legally-sound policies as revision are requested or required. Superintendent will present the recommendations to the Policy Committee for consideration. 
  9. Superintendent will facilitate the delivery of the Induction Program, including but not limited to, the areas of Technology Support, Business Office Services, Special Education, Pupil Services, Curriculum and Instruction, Mentors, Building Meetings. 
  10. Superintendent will contact the solicitor regarding legal matters and maintain a date and topic log of all correspondence.


Per 24 P.S. 10-1073.1(8)(b.1), "the board of school directors shall post the mutually agreed to objective performance standards contained in the contract on the school district's publicly accessible internet website. Upon completion of the annual performance assessment, the board of school directors shall post the date of the assessment and whether or not the district superintendent and assistant district superintendent have met the agreed-to objective performance standards on the school district's publicly accessible internet website."  


The Blairsville Saltsburg Board of School Directors has issued the evaluation. A copy of the evaluation may be obtained by clicking the link below.

Superintendent's Evaluation