Weekly Update

Weekly Update

December 1, 2017


Principal's Message of the Week


Dear BHS Community,


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  On Monday, November 20th, the ESL Conversation Club organized a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner to celebrate Boonton High School’s rich cultural diversity.  The main idea behind this event was to introduce traditions associated with American holidays and to give our ELL students an opportunity to mingle with peers, faculty and staff outside of their classroom environments, practice their social conversation skills, and share their own unique perspectives with all. BHS ESL students bring experiences steeped in their colorful heritage and which transcend language gaps - from early learners to transitioning students. It was also a wonderful way for faculty and administration to learn about our ESL population, while enjoying a sampling of various authentic, cultural cuisines.


Thank you Ms. Bahl for all your hard work in organizing this wonderful event.



With Bomber Pride,


Jason Klebez

Department of the Humanities Message


Christina Buck, a World Language Teacher at Boonton High School, wrote the following article and provided the following picture from their field trip to New York City:


On Thursday, November 16th, thirty World Language students participated in the Spanish language cultural excursion to the Repertorio Español, an off-Broadway theater located on 27th Street in Manhattan.  We attended the musical “La canción” by Bronx native Cándido Tirado, with original songs by the Puerto Rican reggaeton / urban artist Vico C.  “La canción” is a present day musical set in the Bronx and Brooklyn, performed in Spanish with English subtitles projected on the screen wall behind the stage.  Everyone in attendance was captivated by the dynamic and entertaining cast, their singing, the choreography, and every aspect of this theatrical experience.  We were thrilled to see the supporting actor who portrayed the rapper “Muerte” after the show, who posed for a group photo with us.  In the photo you can see the lead actor, “Rafa,” descending the stairs behind us.  Students are looking forward to future Spanish language cultural experiences with their World Language teachers at BHS.  Muchísimas gracias!  Thank you to all who participated for sharing a wonderful experience!



It was an awesome week to be a Bomber!

Rebecca Kipp-Newbold

Supervisor of Humanities

STEM & Business Departments Message


Dear BHS Community,

Students from Boonton High School’s Robotics / TSA club visited Employment Horizons on a field trip. The goal of this field trip was to become better acquainted with the needs of people with disabilities in the workforce as part of a competition. The competition is the Source America Challenge, a national engineering competition in which participants create innovative workplace technologies for people with disabilities. In this challenge student teams collaborate with a nonprofit agency that employs people with disabilities, such as Employment Horizons in Cedar Knolls. The goal of this partnership is to invent a process, device, system or software that enhances productivity or helps an individual with disabilities overcome workplace obstacles.

During this trip our students were introduced to the staff at Employment Horizons as well as the dedicated workforce. The incredible staff talked to our group and explained what they do. The specialize in finding meaningful work for people with disabilities. We were led on a tour of their workshop to view their workers in action. Employment Horizons employs over 100 people in their workshop. Some of the jobs we witnessed were cleaning and checking returned remote controls for Optimum, counting and sorting components to be packaged, and assembling boxes for Tiffany's.

Our students were tasked with observing all that they could and asking the workers questions about their workplace and task. We focused on one worker who was counting small figures to be packaged as a kit. He used a simple piece of cardboard with markings on it to help visualize which figure was needed. Our students saw this worker and task as a great opportunity to design an improvement. Now our group can use their observations and start prototyping designs to find an optimal solution and hopefully win the competition.

Ray Sawyer

Supervisor of STEM & Business

Calendar Reminders


12/4/17 -  Early Dismissal All Schools

12/4/17 -  BOE Meeting 8pm - Annex Building

12/5/17 -  BHS NCAA Information Session 6:00pm - 6:30pm BHS Auditorium

12/5/17 -  BHS College Planning & Naviance Session 6:30pm - 7:15pm BHS Auditorium

Class Updates




Mr. Nash and Ms. Sohl are working on a weekly Algebra 1 tutoring schedule. Mr. Nash will be contacting students and parents regarding the schedule.

All freshmen are taking Success 101 during the 2nd marking period. Mr. Nash will be visiting this class and helping all freshmen set up their Naviance account.

Please make sure you wear your ID and it is visible at all times.

All freshmen are reminded to check their email regularly for information sent by their teachers and/or Ms. Ballway & Mr. Nash.  




Please remember, on Tuesday, December 5th Boonton High School will be offering the PreACT to the 10th and 11th grade students. Grades 9 and 12 will have a regular scheduled school day.  Room assignments will be posted by the end of the week.

All test takers must bring a #2 pencil on test day. Students are also encouraged to bring calculators, although questions can be solved without a calculator. All scientific calculators are permitted. Four- function calculators are acceptable, but not recommended.

Students should arrive on time 7:35am, students are not permitted to enter the testing room once testing has begun. Students are not permitted to have food/drink during the PreACT unless they have been pre-approved by administration. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be powered off during testing. 



The Juniors will take the PreACTs in school on Tuesday, December 5th. They should prepare by getting a good night's sleep & eating a full breakfast. Please make sure to arrive on time.


College Planning night is scheduled for December 5th at 6:30pm at BHS. Students interested in playing a sport in college should attend the NCAA presentation being held at 6pm on December 5th.


Please make sure you wear your ID and it is visible at all times.


All juniors are reminded to register for the SAT’s/ACT’s early to ensure your placement on the day(s) of the test. All juniors should have created an account with Ms. Callahan/Ms. Soni in the past but if you haven’t done so yet please go to the following websites to create an account and sign up: SAT http://www.collegeboard.org & ACT http://www.act.org If you missed the lesson or need assistance, please see Ms. Soni.

The following are the upcoming dates for the SAT’s/ACT’s:


SAT’s:                                                          ACT’s


12/2/17-register by 11/2/17                          12/9/17-register by 11/3/17


3/10/18-register by 2/9/18 2/10/18-register by 1/5/18


Please remember to check your email regularly for information sent by your teachers and/or Ms. Ballway & Ms. Soni.


College Planning night is scheduled for December 5th at 6:30pm at BHS. Students interested in playing a sport in college should attend the NCAA presentation being held at 6pm on December 5th.

If you did not get measured for Cap and Grown please see Mrs. Wolchesky in the Main Office.  To date the Class of 2018 has received over $3 million in Grants and Scholarships from multiple Colleges and Universities. Congratula



Gateway Academy



The freshmen and sophomore students continue to make the final edits to their Contemporary Social Issues project.  The freshmen will present their topics to the Gateway Academy students on December 13th and the sophomores on December 20th.


The junior have been working on their sixty second elevator pitches and continue to update their resumes.


The seniors have handed in their thesis outlines to their mentors and continue the year-long process of writing their paper.


During the holiday season the Gateway Academy students will be writing letters to our military.


Student Assistance

High Focus Centers, in collaboration with the Parsippany Municipal Alliance, is pleased to announce “Prevention Through Family Support.” Starting September 7, 2017 “Prevention Through Family Support” will provide an ongoing support group for friends and family members of those struggling with addiction. This group is held every Thursday at 6:30 PM at High Focus Centers of Parsippany, 1259 route 46 East, building 4B, Parsippany, NJ. Walk ins are welcome. Please call 973-299-9919 for more information.


Parents and students: Ala-teen is now holding a meeting for students whose lives are affected by someone else’s drinking.

Butler High School Guidance Conference Room

Tuesdays at 3:00 pm

All teens from all schools are welcome!


As the holidays approach and substance abuse typically increases, please check out the facts below!


Prescription stimulants such as Adderall® and Ritalin® are two of the drugs most frequently abused by high school seniors. (MTF)


Youth who drink are 7.5 times more likely to use other illicit drugs and 50 times more likely to use cocaine than young people who never drink.  (NIDA)


Alcohol is often a factor in the three leading causes of death among 15-24 year olds: accidents, homicides, and suicides.   (NIAAA)



While it is true that prescription drug abuse has reached epidemic levels throughout our nation and drug overdoses now exceed car crashes as the leading cause of accidental death, it is FALSE that everyone is doing it. In fact, the majority of youth – close to 80% - are NOT abusing prescription medications.


Share this fact with your kids. It can be empowering for youth to know they are in the MAJORITY by making the positive choice to be Drug-Free!


While this statistic is positive and encouraging, don’t ease up on your ‘drug’ talks with your children. You want to ensure that you child is one of the 80% who are not abusing Rx Drugs.


Because you are talking EARLY & OFTEN about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs —   the odds are better that your child won’t begin using in the first place.


Leah Birchler, LCSW, SAC

Student Assistance Counselor



Please complete the “BHS Health History Annual Update Questionnaire” which takes the place of the Emergency Card and return to the Nurse’s office.  This is needed for all students.


If your child has a physical exam or updated immunizations with their Primary Care Provider, please send a copy of the exam and immunizations to the Nurse’s office to update their records.


The single most effective way to prevent germ transmission is hand washing!  Wash hands frequently and keep them away from your face!

Encourage others to do the same. Cough & sneeze into your elbow.  Proper sleep habits and exercise, along with proper nutrition, are essential to good health.

Marcia Nunn Tucci RN BS CSN

School Nurse BHS



The winter season is almost here! Any athletes interested in playing a winter sport should turn all appropriate paperwork in to Mrs. Tucci and speak with the coach for a season schedule. GO BOMBERS!