2016 Strategic Planx3a Strategy Matters

2016 Strategic Plan: Strategy Matters




Brevard Public Schools has consistently offered a quality educational experience leading to student achievement. However, we face new challenges that include:

1. Fiscal constraints that make it difficult to adequately compensate employees or maintain the buildings they work in.
2. An assertive shift to new state academic standards.
3. A testing/accountability system that has created considerable anxiety among stakeholders
4. An increase in cultural and economic diversity among its student population.
5. Last, but certainly not least, is the most urgent need to address employee morale.


To address these challenges while maintaining excellence in education, district leadership set forth to intentionally design a new strategic plan designed to lead Brevard Public Schools into the future. We began with community, employee and school board input that resulted in our initial findings for focused, future efforts.


On this site we will provide links to presentations, a new organizational chart re-designed to support our goals, objectives and strategies. In addition, access to previous strategic plans and the details surrounding our new plan will be located here.



Key Documents: 



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