Career Pathways Vision

Career Pathways Vision


Selecting a career is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime. A poor career choice early in life could send you down a path of lifelong boredom and frustration. Finding the pathway to a successful career that interests you may seem confusing because there are hundreds of career choices available. Ask yourself, "How do I make a career choice when I don't really know what I want to do?" Does it seem like an impossible chore? It's not. Our career counselors will assist you on your journey to a career pathway that suits you using resources like Florida Choices.

Before you can make a career choice, you will learn about yourself. Florida Choices will help you develop a career plan based on evaluation of your career interests, work values and workplace skills. Based on your personalized evaluation, Florida Choices will suggest some careers especially suitable for you. You can use self assessment tools to gather this information and, subsequently, to generate a list of occupations that interest you. Here are some of the criteria that Forida Choices evaluates based on your preferences.

Work Style Preference

Each of us has a favored work style, whether we realize it or not. That style can sometime conflict with a career choice. For example, a flexible work environment might allow you to deliver projects on various dates, while a structured environment would require specific deadlines and strict guidelines. What works better for you? In which environment do you tend to thrive?

Work Location Preference

Your preference could vary from a small regional office to corporate headquarters to a home office, an airport hotel in Buffalo or a beach suite in South Florida. How often do like to work away from home? Do you mind traveling for your job? If living out of a suitcase makes you cringe and you need a consistency in your workplace, avoid careers that require a lot of moving around.

Social Interaction Preference

Do you like working with others or as part of a team? Are you motivated by the needs of others and your ability to provide a solution? This is critical because some people shy away from that connection and would rather deliver value behind the scenes without the complications of interacting with colleagues and clients. Know your social needs so you can choose a career that matches them.

Work-Life Balance Preference

Do you value a short commute and a home-cooked meal every night? Do you live for weekends out at the soccer field watching your kids play? If you need those creature comforts on a regular basis, pick a career that will give you the time to enjoy them. Look for jobs with regular hours and little to no requirements to work overtime or on weekends.

Societal Give-Back Preference

Some careers have a component of giving back to others. The beneficiary of your hard work is not a corporation's bottom line, but rather a sick child, an endangered species or the planet's air quality. If it's important to know that your hard work makes a difference in the world, this could be a significant driver in your career choice.
Establishing a career pathway will help direct you to the next step on your educational journey to success.