Is online the right program for youx3f

Is online the right program for you?

Before you register for an online course of study, ask yourself the following questions and answer them honestly to determine if online classes are right for you.


  1. Do I own or have easy access to a computer with Internet access and email?
  2. Am I a highly motivated, self-disciplined individual who is able to work independently?
  3. Can I set and adhere to an online study schedule so that I complete the required work on time?
  4. Can I effectively communicate questions and/or concerns to my instructor via email or phone?
  5. Do I try to solve problems independently and not give up easily even when confronted with obstacles?
  6. Am I really comfortable with using the Internet as a means of communication?


If you answered "no" to more than two of the questions above, you may not be a good candidate for online classes. In stead you may want to consider taking classes at one of our four centers. Remember, only you know how much time and effort you are willing to devote to your successful completion of your education, earning your diploma, and transitioning into a college academic or career training program.


For additional information regarding online program, send an email to or call 321.264.4895 during office hours which are 7 AM to 1 PM Monday - Thursday. To enroll, you must go to a center, pay a $30 tuition and take a placement test. After your enrollment is complete, all course work can be done on a 24/7 basis at home using the Internet and your computer. Take the first step to meeting your educational goals by enrolling today.