English for Speakers of Other Languages amp Citizenship

English for Speakers of Other Languages & Citizenship

Adult ESOL prepares students to communicate effectively in a multifaceted society. This program provides English language instruction for limited English proficient adults that will increase their ability to communicate in English. The content is compatible with principles of language acquisition for adult learners of English. Learned skills improve the employability of limited english proficient adults through acquisition of communication skills and cultural competencies which enhance ability to read, write, speak, and listen in English.

Citizenship prepares students for success in the naturalization process required for all who have United States citizenship as a goal. The content includes preparation for the Citizenship Test, by studying U.S. History, government, culture, and symbols with specific emphasis on rights and responsibilities under the Constitution of the United States of America.


Online ESOL classes are now being offered. For more information regarding ESOL Online, call Cindy Brown at (321) 264-3088 X 5144.


**Special note: A reading level of 2nd grade or the statistical scale score equivalent must be achieved the CASAS Test by any student seeking to enroll in the Citizenship course. CASAS Testing is available at your local adult education center.