Adult High School Classes

Adult High School Classes

Adult high school education includes both co-enrollment courses of study as well as an adult high school diploma program. Students in this program must meet all state and local requirements for graduation including attaining a passing score on the FCAT assessment and/or end-of- course.




Adult High School Students: Entrance criteria for enrollment into an adult high school program requires that the student does not possess a high school or state approved diploma, is 16 year of age or older, and is officially withdrawn from an elementary or secondary program.


A variety of high school classes are being offered online. Please check with your with your adult education center if you are interested in the online program.


Co-Enrolled Students: A co-enrolled student is 16 years of age or older, currently enrolled in a 9-12 program and is taking core curriculum high school credit courses through adult education. Appropriate documentation, as specified by the institution, must be obtained prior to enrollment.



  • Pass the FCAT and any required end-of-course exams
  • Earn GPA in accordance with State of Florida guidelines
  • Several credit options are available