Welcome Charter School Operators

Welcome Charter School Operators

Whether you are an experienced charter school operator here in Brevard County or are interested in starting a charter school, this site is for you.  Click below to access resources and information for charter schools in all stages of development that can help you run a successful, high quality charter school.




Charter School SharePoint Site                                                   


Special programs and resources for existing Brevard County Charter School Operators.  You must have an account and be logged in to view this content.

Charter-Tools Web-based software for exisitng Brevard County Charter School Operators designed specifically to streamline the process of charter school compliance management.  You must have an account and be logged in to view this content.


Statutes, Rules & Model Forms


This directs you to the Florida Department of Education website for charter school operators, authorizers, and general public, which features extensive links and resources on the Florida charter school statutes and State Board of Education Rules.



Florida Department of Education This directs you to the Florida Department of Education website for charter school operators, authorizers, and general public.