Out of County

Out of County





Student Residing in Brevard


A student residing in Brevard County who wishes to attend a school in another district must fill out a form to leave our district, have the form approved by the Office of School Choice, and apply to the receiving district for acceptance.



Student Residing Outside of Brevard


A K-12 grade student who resides outside of Brevard County may request to attend Brevard County Public Schools.  The student/parent must provide the following:

  • First, the parent must obtain a "release" form or letter from the school district where they reside, giving them permission to leave that county/school district.
    • Submit the release form/letter to the Division of Equity, Innovation and Choice, 2700 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Viera, FL 32940.


  • Second, the parent must complete Brevard Public Schools' online Educational Location Option application or Educational Program Opportunity application (timeline, application fee and Terms and Conditions apply)


  • Enrollment at the requested Brevard County Public School may only take place AFTER the release form/letter and application have been received and given final approval.