Mobile App Community Partner Use

Mobile App -Community Partner Use

BPS Mobile App - Generation 2


BPS recently upgraded its previous mobile app to the new and improved Blackboard Mobile Communications App, which integrates with all the school logistical information that will be beneficial for community stakeholders. 


If you previously installed the BPS mobile app, make sure that you accept the update which will automatically upgrade to the Blackboard Mobile platform.  Need to download the app? 



1. Visit your Apple iTunes and Google Play stores and search for “BPS mobile” or scan the QR code in the above image.


2. Once downloaded, click on settings and start following individual schools or the district.


3. Select the types of notifications you wish to receive, if any. 



Key Features for Stakeholders: 


Realtors: Directory with list of schools, locations and site addresses


Business/Community PartnersDirectory with a list of schools, locations, site addresses and contact information for administration. 


Legacy Members: Stay informed about news from your alma mater. 




How-to videos and tips coming soon . .