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Professional Development

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Professional Development



Our mission is continuous improvement for all employees to meet the needs of all          Brevard County students



    In partial fulfillment of that mission, our department works with inservice records through the following: 


  • ProGOE² Online System.

  • Induction for all new teachers.

  • Site Inservice Representatives and administrators at our 86 district schools.

  • The Mentor Council representing all district schools.

  • Professional Development Days for BPS in collaboration with other department inservice providers and the Professional Development Council.

  • Teacher leadership and teacher training programs in collaboration with the Educational Leadership dept.

  • Add-on Certification Programs in Reading, Gifted, ESOL, and Athletic Coaching.

  • School/district partnerships in training in collaboration with the Professional Learning and Development Executive Committee.


   Our Certification Specialists provide assistance to teachers, administrators, and applicants working toward BPS    employment, their initial teaching certificates, their professional teaching certificates, and Highly Qualified status.



Let us know how we can help you reach your dreams with Brevard Public Schools!





  • Click here to access SWD Training Requirements for Professional Certificate Renewals.



  • Click here to access SWD Training Opportunites through FDLRS



  • Click here for Florida Department of Education Credit in Teaching Students with Disabilities Technical Assistance Paper.


  • Click here for the AP Pool Process memo from the LTP dated April 4, 2, 2018.





Teachers - are you planning to earn certification or teach "out-of-field" in Gifted, Reading, or ESOL?  If so, register NOW for an inservice course.  Go to ProGOE to review current advertisements and register for your choice of training sessions.