Florida Retirement System 


Florida Retirement System (FRS) is an employer and employee contributory system and membership in the FRS is compulsory. In other words, your employer pays the required portion of your retirement contributions necessary for you to earn service credit towards a future retirement benefit. The employee pays a 3% employee contribution towards your retirement benefit.

FRS offers two retirement plans:

the FRS Pension Plan and the FRS Investment Plan

for employees to choose from.





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My FRS.com Florida Division of Retirement
General Retirement Plan Enrollment Form (ELE-1) E-Z Retirement Enrollment Form (ELE-1-EZ)
2nd Election Retirement Plan Enrollment Form (ELE-2) 2nd Election EZ Retirement Plan Enrollment Form (ELE-2-EZ)
FRS Pension Plan Retirement Guide FRS Investment Plan Summary Plan Description



MyFRS Financial Guidance Line: (866) 446-9377

State of Florida Division of Retirement: (844) 377-1888




FRS Pension Plan FRS Investment Plan

This is a traditional retirement plan designed for longer service employees. It pays a guaranteed monthly benefit based on service and salary at retirement. Employees qualify for benefits after six years of service.

This plan was designed for a more mobile workforce. The benefit is based on how much money is contributed to your account and how well that invested money grows over time. Employees qualify for benefits after one year of service.

Frequently Used Links: Frequently Used Links:

Beneficiary Designation Form

Active Members Only (BEN-001)

Beneficiary Designation Form

Investment Plan Only (IPBEN-1)

Information Request (FR-9) Employee Rollover Deposit Form (IPRO-1)
Application to Purchase Retirement Credit for Leave of Absence (FR-28) Investment Fund Summary Quick Guide
Verification for In/Out of State Service Credit
Think Twice before Rolling Out of the Investment Plan
PreTax Direct Rollover Form (PRO-1) Beneficiary Designation Form DROP Participants and Retirees (FST-12)
Retired Payroll Forms