Superintendent's Insurance Advisory Committee


The SIAC serves as a communication forum to address employee health and welfare benefits in an advisory capacity.  The SIAC provides recommendations to the Superintendent on matters related to insurance benefits.  




The committee meets four times per year but will meet more frequently if the need arises.  


The committee is comprised of 14 voting members. These currently include the following:


Dawn Butterfield Ms. Descovich
Dominick Lauretta Mr. Susin
Bruce Cotti Mr. Ziegler
Mike deVaux Mr. Craig
Chris McAlpine Ms. Belford
Dan Bennett BFT
Anthony Colucci BFT
Amy Norton Williams       BFT
Leslie Lawter Local 1010
Patrick Darville Local 1010
Victoria Hickey School Administrators
Sharon McNichols Non-Bargaining Employees
Jo Ann CLark Accounting Services
TBA Retirees who are not Medicare eligible



Non-Voting administrative support includes the following:

Pennie Zuercher Chief Financial Officer
Sandra Rodriguez

Recording Secretary

Mark Langdorf

Director - Employee Benefits & Risk Management
Lisa Schmidt Manager - Employee Benefits
Bonnie Doss Accounting Supervisor - Employee Benefits


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SIAC Charter



 SIAC Minutes



SIAC Meeting Videos