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Brevard Public Schools (BPS) recognizes and respects a parent’s right

to choose home education as a valid option for the education of his or her

child and seeks to build and maintain a positive relationship with home

educating parents through mutual understanding and positive communication.



The Florida Home Education Program, Florida Statute (FS) 1002.01, is

sequentially progressive instruction of a student designed and implemented

by the parent or guardian in order to satisfy the requirements of

both the Compulsory School Attendance statute (FS 1003.21) and

the Home Education Program statute (FS1003.41). A home education

program is not defined in law or rule as a school. The purpose of a

home education program is to permit parents to comply with the compulsory

school attendance law while teaching their children at home.



The parent who assumes responsibility for educating a child at home also has the responsibility for providing curriculum, educational materials and evaluations necessary to determine student progress. The school system does not supply texts, curriculum guides, or educational standards for the home-educated student.



A family that has established a home education program as required by

statute may enlist the help of a tutor, an on-line school including the

Florida Virtual School, correspondence courses, or other means to

provide the sequentially progressive instruction.






Request for Home Education FSA/NGSSS testing



PLEASE NOTE: Processing of the forms below take a minimum of 36-48 hours. It may take as long as 10 business days, once you have mailed or delivered the forms.


Home Education Notice of Intent

Home Education Handbook

Home Education Written Evaluation

Home Education Request for Duplicate of Verification Letter

Home Education Sample EL7 Form

Home Education-Termination Notice

Home Education - Change of Address


May home education students participate in "interscholastic extracurricular activities" offered at public schools?

Yes. The Superintendent may allow home education students registered with BPS (F.S. 1002.41) to participate in interscholastic extra-curricular activities providing they meet the eligibility criteria established for an activity (F.S. 1006.15)  Admission consideration is restricted to secondary schools beginning grade 7 (middle school). 


FHSAA Home Education Flow Chart



FHSAA Non-Traditional Student Deadlines (EL7)


Under “For Parents and Students” click on Non-Traditional Student Deadlines


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