End of Life

End of Life
Edline and GradeQuick are scheduled to go end of life December 2018

Status of 1/29/18 

Edline and GradeQuick (electronic gradebooks) are going end of life in December 2018. At this time, the district is planning to move from Edline to Blackboard Web Manager for district, school, and teacher websites. There are no hard dates at this time.

Since Blackboard doesn't have a viable gradebook alternative, we will be moving from GradeQuick Web platform to the GradeQuick network platform where all gradebooks will be housed on school servers.

Some of you may be wondering why we are not looking for a replacement for GradeQuick. Well, after the debacle with EDR for a new SIS (Student Information System), searching for a new gradebook solution is not the smart option right now. Many SIS's come with LMS's (Learning Management System) and gradebooks within. So it is in the best interest of all to first choose a new SIS, then an LMS that will hopefully incorporate a gradebook.