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Teacher Checklist Interims with Pictures (Reg9)


Secondary Teacher Checklist for Interims

Teachers should complete the following list to prepare their GradeQuick gradebooks for printing of Interims.  Printing of Interims is done at the school level.

1. Log into Edline and go to Tools > Semester # (##-##) GradeQuick Web. This will open all your gradebook files. Tools menu
2. Hide your dropped students by right clicking and choosing Hide dropped hide dropped
3. If you have weighted categories, be sure there is weight for each category and the category weight is NOT a zero. weight categories

Click View—Student Info.




Highlight MPConduct, C1 and C2. Click OK.

view-student info


5. Place an S, N or U in the MPConduct (marking period conduct) column.  (Do not use any plus or minuses!) INTERIMS WILL NOT PRINT CONDUCT IF YOU DO NOT ENTER IT MP column
6. Comment- Optional.  Place a capital A in the C1 column if you wish Parent Conference Requested.  Place a capital B in the C2 column if you wish Working Below Grade Level on the report card. (Do not put anything else besides an A or B in columns C1 and C2!) C1 column
7. Click View—Terms—Show Term #. (Choose Term 1 for Term 1, Term 2 for Term 2, Term 3 for Term 3, and Term 4 for Term 4) Show term 2
8. Check letter grades for the Term # column for the current term to make sure they reflect what you want the student’s grade to be for that term. (You may overwrite this grade. Highlight the existing grade, type the new grade, and press enter. The new grade appears in green). overwritten grades
9. Check to make sure that there are no green letter grades in the Term # column, unless you intentionally overwrote them.  (To undo an overwritten grade, highlight the cell, press enter, backspace, and then enter again.  The calculated grade should now appear.)





10. To view the next class, click Window and choose the next class. window
11. Repeat steps 3-10 for all of your gradebooks.


Last Day of Interim

Teacher Deadline

Posted to Edline

Term 1




Term 2




Term 3




Term 4





***Note: Attendance data WILL print on the Interim. Opening and closing GradeQuick and paging through each of your files will update your attendance automatically. The best scenario is to do this as close to the printing date as possible.

***Note: The MPConduct and C1 column are reused for each marking period.  You must change the previous information that is already present, if any, in these columns as necessary.

Since GradeQuick will be used to print Interims, you may include a Report Memo and Student Memos.  Report Memos will print for all students in that class and Student Memos will print only for the student.

Inserting a Student Memo

  1. Click Memo on the picture toolbar
  2. Click Student Memos, click OK
  3. Click the drop down arrow and choose Term # Interim (Choose Term 1 Interim for term 1, choose Term 2 Interim for Term 2, etc.)
  4. Choose the student, type the memo
  5. Choose the next student, click Yes to save
  6. Type the memo for the next student
  7. When finished with all memos to students, click File > Exit Memo, click Yes to save.

Adding a Class Memo

  1. Click Memo on the picture toolbar  
  2. Click Report Memo, click OK
  3. Type your memo
  4. Click File > Exit Memo, click Yes to save 


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 Updated September 6, 2016