BPS public surtax dollars leveraged for additional tech discounts

BPS, public surtax dollars leveraged for additional tech discounts


Jan. 10, 2018


VIERA, Florida – Brevard Public Schools was recently approved for $7.9 million in technology discounts for the 2016 and 2017 E-Rate program filing years. This approval, in combination with sales surtax educational-technology funds, will allow BPS to provide wireless connectivity to every classroom by April 2018.


The federally-administered E-rate program was established in 1996 to create equal telecommunications access across the country’s K-12 education and library systems. In 2015, the program was modernized placing emphasis on wireless broadband equipment and services required to deliver digital resources to our schools and libraries. 


Said Russell Cheatham, BPS’ chief information officer, “These enhancements are how our students expect to learn in this digital age. The challenge becomes putting new sustainable devices in the hand of our students with many competing educational needs.”


Discounts are applied to specific services such as Internet, telecommunication and network and wireless equipment purchases. The district uses a combination of reimbursable and upfront purchase discounts.


“BPS is grateful for the local surtax and federal discount opportunities allowing us to transform our classrooms for the benefit of student learning,” said Cheatham.





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