201819 Attendance Boundary Change Website

2018-19 Attendance Boundary Change Website

At the January 23, 2018 School Board Meeting, there was a Public Hearing regarding the proposed attendance boundary changes.  The staff recommendation was approved unanimously by the School Board.  Please click here to see the maps and data for the approved attendance boundary changes.  The agenda item materials can be viewed at this link.



Welcome! This section of the Brevard Public Schools website is devoted entirely to the proposed attendance boundary changes under consideration for the 2018-2019 school year.  The process will conclude with the Public Hearing at the January 23, 2018 School Board Meeting.  This section will be updated regularly until the Public Hearing.  Please check regularly for updates.

Latest Update:  January 24, 2018


If you have questions or would like to speak to a staff member, please call 321-735-9735 or email attendanceboundarychange@brevardschools.org.


The School Board held a workshop on the proposed attendance boundary changes on November 14, 2017.  Link to the workshop agenda materials.


 A Community Update Meeting was held Tuesday, November 28, 2017. Several of the initial recommendations have been deferred and are not moving forward for School Year 2018-2019. Link to updated recommendations.


The Evaluation Committee (per Policy 7110) met on December 6, 2017 and scored the proposals. Link to meeting package. Link to scoring summary. The School Board will consider the attendance boundary change proposals (updated recommendations) and the Evaluation Committee scoring at their December 12, 2017 regular meeting.


Maps & Data

Check here first to see if your family is affected by the Attendance Boundary Change proposal.


All surveys closed November 5, 2017 at midnight to allow staff time to analyze data and input. Link to the survey results.







Croton to Longleaf (split neighborhood) - Forward to Evaluation Committee














Kennedy to McNair - Forward B1 and B2 to Evaluation Committee



   B1 Staff Original Recommendation


   B2 School Board Member Request








Manatee and Quest to Williams - Deferred this year. Conduct comprehensive analysis of new elementary/middle school alternatives. Utilize portables to address enrollment increases.



C1 Staff Original Recommendation


C2 Revised Staff Recommendation


C3 Community Request


C4 Community Request


C5 Community Request


C6 Community Request








Meadowlane Primary and Meadowlane Intermediate to Discovery - Forward to Evaluation Committee


  •  View presentation from October 19, 2017 community meeting at Discovery Elementary School






Endeavour and Cambridge to Saturn - Forward to Evaluation Committee




Melbourne High to Eau Gallie High, Palm Bay Magnet High, and Heritage High; Heritage High to Bayside High - Scenarios F1-F5 deferred this year. Forward scenario F6 (growth area west of Brandywine moves from Melbourne High School to Heritage High School) to the Evaluation Committee.



   F1 Staff Original Recommendation

   F2 Staff Updated Recommendation

   F3 Alternate Proposal

   F4 Alternate Proposal

    F5 Alternate Proposal

    F6 Alternate Proposal








Central to Southwest (split apartment complex) - Forward to Evaluation Committee









Fairglen to Enterprise Defer this year.  Conduct comprehensive analysis of Fairglen and Challenger 7.


  • View presentation from October 12, 2017 community meeting at Enterprise Elementary School





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Attendance Boundary Change Process Schedule


Community Meetings Schedule

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Meeting Documents



Reference Documents


Student Accommodation Plan (complete)

  A. Enrollment October 17, 2016
B. Feeder System Enrollment Projections (2017-2018)
C. From - To Analysis - Elementary Schools - October 2016
D. From - To Analysis - Middle Schools - October 2016
E. From - To Analysis - High Schools - October 2016
F. From - To Analysis - Charter Schools - October 2016
G. Student Enrollment Projections and School Capacity Analysis 2017-18 to 2021-22
H. Student Membership Actual (2011-2016) and Projections (2017-2021)
I. Relocatable Inventory (2016-2017)
J. Historic Student Enrollment Data
K. Capacity Analysis Maps


School Board Policies (relating to attendance boundary changes)