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                    Nurse's Notes

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  • Just a reminder about medication policy - Children are not to carry medication to and from school. 
    •  Parents should complete and sign a medication form. The medication should be in the original container with appropriate label.



  •  If your child has food allergies, please have your doctor complete the food allergy action plan and bring all emergency medications to the clinic.




  • If your child has Asthma that requires medication, please have your doctor fill out the Asthma Action Plan and bring medication to clinic.



  •  If your child has been ill, please don’t send them to school unless they have gone 24 hours without a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or treatment with an antibiotic.


  •  Let us know if your child has any health changes since last year.  We also need and changes in your home, work, or cell numbers and emergency contacts.