NASA Art Contest

NASA Art Contest


December 1st - December 31st


 It’s that wonderful time of year again when we will soon begin accepting submissions for the NASA Langley Research Center Art Contest! This year’s theme, The Next 100 Years, encourages students to explore what the future will reveal in Aeronautics, Exploration and Earth Science. Will we have personal air transportation vehicles? Will we live on another planet? Will we solve the Earth’s many mysteries? NASA Langley has spent the past 100 years contributing to the technologies we have today, and now we want to know what advancements students in grades K-12 think the next 100 years will bring!  


Submissions for this year’s contest will be accepted from December 1st through midnight December 31, 2017. Artwork must be submitted using the upload system at For additional details, please visit the art contest website at or feel free to respond to this email. If you receive this email more than once, I apologize.


Thank you and I look forward to receiving your amazing artwork!

Kristina Cors


This event occurs on a single day.