Reading Night Tips

Reading Night Tips


Tips to help with your Reading Night experience

We are looking forward to seeing you on Blackboard Collaborate the next 4 Thursday nights at 7pm!


To make your Reading Night experience run smoothly here are a few pointers...

1. Make sure to check your computer or mobile system using your link or app information provided to you on your handout ahead of time, and make sure that any programs or apps needed to run the presentation will run smoothly before the time of the event.

2. The Blackboard Collaborate program runs best on the below browsers:

PC = Firefox & Chrome. It should also run on Internet Explorer 11 & Edge in Windows 10.

Mac OS = Firefox appears to be most reliable. It should also run smoothly in Safari 10x on Mac OS 10.10 - 10.13.

Mobile Devices = Android Systems 5.0-7.1.2 should be no problem; 8.0-8.1 may show some problems

**Please note: In order to have the best experience you will want to use a PC (laptop or desktop) so that you can see video and audio. Mobile devices will only have audio capabilities.

3. The building ETF, Mrs. Watkins, will be monitoring the session. Please send her a message through the chat window if you are having trouble hearing the speaker or if the streaming quality is poor during the session.

4. Mrs. Watkins will show participants how to stretch their video and audio screen at the beginning of the session to make sure you can see a larger view of the reader.


Enjoy your reading night!

This event occurs on a single day.