HERO is an online system that Canton Middle School utilizes in order to track student tardies along with good behavior.  Students may be awarded HERO points when they follow the Canton PAWS matrix.  Some examples include; coming to class on time, working cooperatively, walking in the hallways and others.  HERO points can be redeemed in the school store, for open gym and for other activities.  Parents can log into HERO by following the directions below to monitor their child's tardies and HERO points.  If you have questions about HERO please email jerihofman@u-46.org.



How to link parent and student HERO accounts 


1.  Log in to  http://access.heropowered.com

2.  Click on parent.

3.  Click on Create an account.

4.  Enter first name

5.  Enter last name

6.  Enter a personal e-mail

7.  Enter a password (that you will remember)

8.  Confirm the password

9.  Click create user

10.  Click add student



You will then need to link your student.

This menu will pop up where you will be asked to enter:


1.  Student ID number

2.  Student last name

3.  Date of Birth in this form:  MM/DD/YYYY (must include the two forward



Your student should now be linked to this parent account.

If a parent already has a HERO account linked to another child attending another U-46 school, this method may not work.  Canton will have to send you the Key Code issued to your Canton student in order to link your Canton student to your account. Please contact the school at 630-213-5525 and leave a message for Mrs. Hofmann stating your child’s first and last name and that you need the HERO Key Code.