Ms. Jenifer Born





Ms. Born has been a resident of Brevard County since 1971.  She was a classroom teacher for 14 years, then worked as a District Peer Mentor Teacher providing support to teachers in Pre-K to 12th grade for two years.  For three years, she served as Assistant Principal at Enterprise Elementary and then spent a year as Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Instruction at Madison Middle School.  Ms. Born believes that seeking excellence through continuous improvement is very important and being a lifelong learner is key!


Ms. Born has been teaching lifeskills, lifelong guidelines, and peace-making in schools since 1996 as a teacher and then as a school administrator.  She is excited to join us on our Quality Schools mission; that mission focuses on quality relationships in a quality environment

to help everyone do their best quality work!





Bachelor of Science

Elementary Education

University of Central Florida  


Master of Science

Educational Leadership

Nova University  


National Board Certification

Early Childhood Generalist


Florida Department of Education Certification

Elementary Education

Early Childhood

Educational Leadership

School Principal