Strategic Plan Year One Public Meeting

Strategic Plan Year One Public Meeting


Tuesday, October 18th, 2016 at 6 PM

High School Lecture Hall


All are welcome to attend and participate in one of the four committees.


As a point of continual improvement and staying the course, the Strategic Plan that was developed last year is now in year 1 of 3. The work that went into the plan and the engagement of stakeholders was critical and should be revisited early each school year to assess the status of the plan. Therefore, a public meeting hosted by the four committees is being held to revisit year 1 and share the status of initiatives. The open public meeting will take place on Tuesday October 18th at 6PM in the HS Lecture Hall. Although the inner workings of strategic plan actions are held for administrative implementation, a public review of the status of goals and initiatives will provide feedback, understanding, and support moving forward. Everyone is welcome to attend, listen, and contribute needed feedback to the current plan and progress.

The four committees,

1. Student Achievement and Success for All

2. Technology

3. Family and Community

4. Finance will meet simultaneously on October 18th from 6-7PM.


If you were on a committee prior, feel free to remain on that committee or change to one that you want to know more about or contribute to. The public's input and recommendations are very important to the administration and BOE, especially in influencing the decision making process.