Four Domains

Four Domains

At Center House, we prepare students for a transition from school to community and life. Related services are delivered in an integrated model. All support staff provide services in the natural environment (work, home, community and recreation and leisure) to develop skills necessary to further students' independence.


The Transition Program focuses on four key domains in everyone's life. Read below for specific program elements in each domain. 



  • Job development
  • Ongoing skill and interest assessment
  • Behaviors and attitudes
  • Job search and interviewing skills
  • Maintaining employment
  • Developing natural supports



  • Meal planning
  • Meal preparation
  • Housekeeping/management
  • Kitchen/home safety
  • Clothing care
  • Grooming/hygiene
  • Money management/shopping skills
  • Personal management and schedules
  • Establish future plan



  • Accessing various modes of transportation
  • Establishing links with community agencies servicing the DD population
  • Personal safety
  • Interpersonal, social skills and behavior
  • Accessing and utilizing community resources necessary for daily living


Recreation and Leisure

  • Developing personal preferences
  • Developing hobbies
  • Scheduling personal time
  • Coordination with friends and family 


Money skills are used in all domains.