Level 1x3a Learning

Level 1: Learning

Short Explanation of the level

All students start on level 1 when they begin at Central School Programs. They are introduced to the policies, behavior management system, and their class schedule during the fifteen days they are on this level.


Student Responsibilities

  • Learn rules and point system
  • Learn social skills that are similar to IEP goals.

Rewards AND Privileges

**Students will not be allowed rewards or privileges until they have passed the student handbook test with an 80 percent before being able to move to level one, day six. 

  • Earn a snack slip for school store.
  • Go down to the lunchroom to choose his/her own lunch.



The student will move up one day on the level system when they perform 140 points or greater on their point sheet by the end of the school day.

Dropping a level

  • 2 poor days in a row.
  • 2 days truant.
  • Suspension: drop to level 1, day 1.



  1. Rewards. A reinforcement after displaying good behavior for a short time.
  2. Privileges. Given to students who have sustained positive behavior over a set amount of time.
  3. IEP goals. The goals for a student to overcome their disability are found in their individualize educational plan. Educational goals are set for any special education student to show progress on how well they are handling their disability. All of the goals are divided into short term goals or small steps to attain the long term goal.
  4. School store. C.S.P. has stored food or snacks to reinforce positive behavior. The student may buy them with points or earn them by displaying appropriate behavior for three periods.
  5. Poor day. A poor day meant that the student has not displayed appropriate classroom behavior throughout the school day. It is the result of too few staff signatures during the day.
  6. Truant. A student absent from school without a note or telephone call home to excuse them from school.