Level 2x3a Testing

Level 2: Testing
Short explanation of this level
Students have shown to staff they understand the policies and display positive behavior seventy-five percent of the time. They must display eighty percent or better to maintain this level.
Student Responsibility
  • Know the rules and point system.
  • Demonstrate social skills that are similar to IEP goals.
Rewards & Privileges
  • Earn a snack slip for school store.
  • Hallway pass.
  • Join sports team and attend practice.
  • Use microwave.
  • The student will petition to their staff to move up to the next level on day 12.
Requirements for moving up one day
The student must earn 160 points or greater on their point sheet by the end of the school day to move up one day on the level system.
Level Drops
  • 2 poor days in a row. 159 points or below.
  • 2 days truant.
  • 2 days not serving detentions.
  • Suspension: Student will drop to level one, day one.
  • Petition. A form for the student’s teachers to sign in agreement that the student has met the requirements of the level and ready to move to the next level.  The student will have three days to complete the signatures and teachers agree to move up to the next level.
  • School store. C.S.P. has stored food or snacks to reinforce positive behavior.  The student may buy them with points or earn them by displaying appropriate behavior for three periods.
  • Vocational outings. The students have the opportunity to visit a business, company, or a college to learn what they must do to prepare themselves for the work force.   
  • Sports team. C.S.P. offers volleyball, basketball, and football that students can play against other alternative programs.