Level 3x3a Trust

Level 3: Trust
Short explanation of this level
The student has been approved through a petition to move up to level three by their classroom teachers and principal.  They have displayed most of the social skills and are now ready to show they can display ninety percent or better appropriate behavior inside the school setting.
Student Responsibility
  • Consistently follow rules and point system.
  • Demonstrate the ability to accept consequences.
  • Demonstrate the ability to need less supervision.
  • Learn more complex social skills.
Rewards & Privileges
  • Free school store item when student reaches Level three, day one.
  • Earn a snack slip for school store.
  • Hallway pass.
  • Join sports team and play all games.
  • Order SWEP on Thursday or Friday.
  • Field Trips and attend sporting events.
Moving Up One Day
The student will move up one day if they have earned 180 points or better out of a possible 200 points. 
The student needs to carry a petition to each of his/her teachers to approve for them to move up to level four when the student is on day 12.  This petition must be signed by all teachers, principal, and social workers before the student is allowed to level four. 
  • Good Day: 180 points
  • Poor Day: 179 points or below.
Level Drops
Student may lose level but will keep their days for the following:
  • 2 poor days during the time they are on level three. 179 points or below.
  • 1 day truant.
  • 1 day not serving detention.
A suspension would drop the student to level 2, day 1.
  1. Rewards. A reinforcement after displaying good behavior for a short time.
  2. Privileges. Given to students who have sustained positive behavior over a set amount of time.
  3. Hallway Pass. Students will be allowed to leave the classroom without staff during class time.
  4. Sports Team. C.S.P. offers volleyball and basketball that students can play against other alternative programs.
  5. SWEP. Students can order hot food like hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. during lunchtime to eat for their lunch.
  6. Poor Day. A poor day meant that the student has not displayed appropriate classroom behavior during the school day.  It is the result of too few staff signatures during the day.