Level 4x3a Independence

Level 4: Independence

Short explanation of this level
The student has shown mastery of all of the social skills and personal goals set in their IEP. This is the stage of maintaining and re-visiting social skills they need to maintain this level.


Student Responsibility

  • Consistently follow rules and point system.
  • Consistently accept consequences.
  • Consistently need little supervision.
  • Demonstrates complex social skills.
  • Verbalize appropriately wants and needs.
  • Provide evidence of behavior and academic improvement.



  • Earn a snack slip for school store.
  • Hallway pass
  • Join sports team and play all games.
  • Order SWEP
  • Field trips and attending sporting events.
  • Use of microwave during lunch.


Moving up levels

  • The student can only move up one day by earning 190 out of a possible 200 points during the school day.


Level Drops

  • One poor day. (189 points or below) The student may start a level three point sheet immediately after they are aware of the poor day.
  • One day truant.
  • Any behavior that warrants an office intervention or an office write up.
  • The student will drop down to level three, day one for a suspension.



  • SWEP. Students can order hot food like hamburgers, sandwiches, etc. during lunchtime to eat for their lunch.
  • Poor Day. A poor day meant that the student has not displayed appropriate classroom behavior during the school day. It is the result of too few staff signatures during the day.
  • Hallway Pass. Students will be allowed to leave the classroom without staff during class time.
  • Sports Team. C.S.P. offers volleyball and basketball that students can play against other alternative programs.
  • Office Intervention. The student has displayed a crisis by interrupting the teaching in the classroom. The student will be asked to leave the classroom to go to an Office Intervention room to calm down, learn a different way to deal with the situation, and then be reintegrated into the classroom. The staff will use Life Space Intervention as a technique to help the student through a crisis.