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Final grades are available for viewing. To view your 2014-15 academic information, click on the Reports folder under the Contents section and then click on the Transcript folder.


 Summer AP Academic Packets

The summer study packets have been posted to Edline. To locate your particular course(s) material, click on the Academics folder under the Contents section and then select the Summer Packet  folder to allow you to select the course material.


Summer School  Acceleration Registration

Summer school registration is now open for all students. Summer school will take place from June 22-July 17.If interested, fill out the registration form found under the Contents section under Forms and click the link SS Acceleration Registration Form. Make sure to include your payment with the completed form by Friday, May 29, 2015.



Please find some very important information to review regarding all of the final Senior events and activities for the Class of 2015 including general information for the Prom. The information is located under the Contents section under Announcements. All questions should go through the main office.



2015-16 Curriculum Guide

The new student curriculum guide is now available. To access the document, go to Academics under Contents and click on the document.



2014-15 Semester 2 Student Schedules

Student schedules are now accessible for viewing and printing. To access a student's schedule, open the Reports folder in the Contents area box (upper right hand side of the Edline window); then click on the file Student Schedule. If you observe any problems with your schedule, please e-mail your Guidance Counselor to assist you in resolving the problem.


iPad Loan Agreement Form

The 2014-15 iPad Agreement Form can be found by clicking on the Forms folder under the Contents section and then select the form.


2014-15 Interested Student Athletes 

All returning students interested in participating in an athletic program are encouraged to review the physical information documents located under the Non-Freshman folder found under Contents - Athletics links. If you are an incoming Freshman you are to look under the Freshman folder.


Attention Students:

The 2014-15 Curriculum Guide is now available. It can be found under the CONTENTS section, under the Academics link and then click on the document. 


iPad Setup Instructions:
Setup guides are now available under the Contents menu section. Student username: s(ID NUMBER) Student password: St-(ID NUMBER). This is the username and password for all school accounts. Please change it at first login.  
Please check for school announcements under Announcements in the Content section