Chris Bress Vitae

Chris Bress Vitae

Chief Technology Officer for Charlotte County Public Schools

Chris Bress has made major strides integrating instructional technology into the schools he has served during his career as an educator. As the Chief Technology Officer with Charlotte County Public Schools he is responsible for:


  • Managing a completely wireless wide area network serving 22 sites
  • Purchase, installation, and maintenance of all servers and desktops
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Bandwidth filtering, shaping, and caching
  • Instructional Technology Inservice
  • Bandwidth management
  • Software review and purchase
  • User support
  • Technology project evaluations


During his eighteen-year tenure in Charlotte County Chris Bress has converted the school district over to a completely wireless wide area network and expanded the use of instructional technology into all levels of instruction. His main goal is to increase student learning by providing ample access to exciting and instructionally meaningful, technological resources. During his career he has also held the positions of Technology Specialist and Math Teacher.


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