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Tarpon Robotics 6451:

Tarpon Robotics FTC6451 are in their 3rd season competing in the FIRST Tech Challenge. The Tarpon Robotics team finished in 4th place at the State Meet in the 2013-2014 Block Party season.  They finished in the top 12 at the South Super-Regional and were the finalist alliance member in the Bluford Division. 


The Tarpon Robotics team competed at the FTC World Championships at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, Mo. on April 23-26, 2014. In only our 2nd year, the Tarpon Robotics team FTC6451 had a 5 win and 4 loss record for the two day tournament, earning them 29th place ranking out of 64 teams in the Franklin Division, with 1,744 Ranking Points. Overall, there were 128 teams competing in the FTC World Championships. Our record would put us in around 55th place overall if you combined both divisions competing.

In their first year participating in FTC, they finished ranked 29th in the State in the 2012-2013 Ring It Up season. It was quite the learning experience and it helped them be very successful the following year.

Team Graphene 7321:

Team Graphene FTC7321 finished in 7th place at the State meet in their rookie season as a team. Throughout their first season, they were ranked in the top 10% of the State, even as a new rookie team. They look forward to competing in this years 2014-2015 FTC Cascade Effect game and hope to advance to South-Super Regional and Worlds this year!


Robo Mojo 8908:

Robo Mojo FTC8908 is our new Rookie team this year and they are the largest team from the Tarpon Robotics program. They are eager to learn from their partner teams and experience all that FTC has to offer. Robo Mojo looks forward to this years Cascade Effect game! Robo Mojo is the final FTC team to be added to the Charlotte High School Tarpon Robotics family.


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