USF Sx2fM Merit Scholarship

USF S/M Merit Scholarship
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This is a new merit-based scholarship to offer to high achieving students and this award is only for freshmen enrolling at the USFSM campus.  This new scholarship is the USFSM Founder’s Award and the requirements are a 3.7 GPA (weighted, recalculated core) AND either a 25 on the ACT, or a 1130 on the 2-score SAT, or a 1680 on the 3-score SAT.  The scholarship has a 4-year value of $8,000 and is good for $2,000 a year.  To qualify for this scholarship or the other USF System merit scholarships (Presidential, Directors, and Scholars), students need to have a complete application for admission on file by January 15, 2016.


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