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Volunteer/Community Service

Volunteer/Community Service is a wonderful way for high school students to offer their personal time to assist others within their school and/or community.


Volunteer/Community Service is NOT required to graduate.  It IS however, required among the criteria for earning any of the Florida Bright Futures Scholarships.

  • FL Academic Scholarship (FAS) = 100 hrs
  • FL Medallion Scholarship (FMS) =  75 hrs
  • FL Gold Seal Vocational (GSV) = 30 hrs


Hours can be earned through a variety of ways but must be done free of financial gain and cannot be done as a replacement for a paid position.  On this page will be listings of volunteer/community service opportunities and contact information.  This list does not reflect the ONLY services that can be done, but intends to offer a list of those individuals, schools, and organizations that are in search of volunteer students.